WHO: Indians don’t need to panic about coronavirus

WHO: Indians don’t need to panic about coronavirus

Dr Rodrico Ofrin, Regional Emergencies Director, WHO has stated there is no need to panic, as cases tested positive in India were because of travelling abroad, citizens’ caught the virus on foreign land.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated Indian efforts to counter the novel coronavirus. ‘Prepare, but don’t panic’ has been India’s mantra to fight the deadly virus, he said.

On whether the virus will subside as temperatures rise, WHO said “We don’t know that yet, research still going on the same. It is a relatively new virus so gathering information on it will take time.

Research on it is taking place 24×7, even as we speak there many experts across the globe are trying to figure out its evolution.”

The number of novel coronavirus cases in India has reached 107, Dr Rodrico Ofrin said, “There is no need to panic, the need of the hour is to get more trained doctors and nurses to treat the infected. We know India has come up with many centres, that’s the way to go about it. Hospitals have isolation wards, those need to be activated as soon as possible.”

He added, “As an Indian citizen you need to maintain basic hygiene like washing one’s hands often, covering one’s mouth while sneezing, if you feel sick rush to a doctor as soon as possible.”