When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

Being a millennial myself, I feel pretty qualified to say that a majority of our generation is in love with traveling. Sure, not everyone gets excited about packing a carry-on bag, rushing to the airport, and scoring passport stamps — and that’s perfectly OK. But there are a lot of wanderlusters in our generation who would willingly purchase one-way plane tickets and never stop seeing the world. They would hop from one dreamy destination to the next, collecting stories and going on excursions along the way. Are you one of them? If so, you know that rush all too well and that, when you love to travel, you tend to hear a few things on the reg.

Normally, these things you hear are statements and questions about your travel habits. They get thrown into your ear around the same time you book a trip or post an adventurous picture on social media. They might come from your mom, older sister, best friend, or a random follower who doesn’t quite understand why and how you spend so much time exploring other continents. Every comment makes you equally want to explain yourself and roll your eyes.

Truth be told, you’re tired of justifying your passions and actions. You’re learning to ignore the messages like, “We get it. You studied abroad,” or “Do you only travel for the #content?” Those people simply don’t have the same love for traveling as you, and will likely always be wondering these five things.


When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

What you may hear the most is, “How do you afford to travel so much?” You might get it from other millennials, your co-workers, or your parents who want to make sure you’re budgeting your money properly. In those moments, you know people are simply curious — and understandably so.

But you have to admit, explaining your financial situation can get old. It’s typically a private thing, you know? Sometimes, you entertain the conversations because you want people to know that you work hard to make these experiences a reality. For example, you know a lot of tips and tricks for saving money, and actively make room in your budget for food, Airbnbs, and camera gear.


When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

You may be lying if you said you didn’t plan trips to certain destinations because they looked Instagram-worthy and would illuminate your feed. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t tired of people assuming that social media is your only motive to travel.

The reality is, you travel for many reasons. You wander around Europe to experience the rich cultures, eat the carefully-curated food, and see the detailed architecture. You swim in the teal waters of Asia to rejuvenate your soul and get in touch with the beauty of planet Earth.

There’s more to your trips than the pictures of colorful walls, city skylines, and palm trees that you post on social media. Filling your camera roll simply helps you document the moments and memories for years to come.


When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

If anybody looked at your planner, they’d see that every single weekend, you’re doing some sort of traveling. You’re going on a spontaneous weekend trip with your besties to the city, or taking a staycation at a local resort and spa. To some, this kind of schedule would be hectic, expensive, and exhausting. To you, it’s a dream come true.

That’s because you love being on-the-go, and are extremely comfortable with living out of a suitcase. Your bucket list is filled to the brim with experiences you need and want to have, and you fully intend on checking everything off.

When people make suggestions like, “Why don’t you settle down?” you always reply with a swift, “No, thanks.” You’ll settle when you’re ready or have less time, energy, and passion for traveling as you do now.


When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

You’d love to turn your passion for traveling into your paycheck. You’d love to get paid to review hotels, blog about your experiences, and make videos of your exhilarating adventures. (Let’s do it together, shall we?)

The more you try to turn this into a reality, though, the more your older family members may tell you to be realistic, and make comments like, “You can’t turn traveling into your full-time job.” But you strongly beg to differ. The truth is, you understand how the world works, because you’ve traveled around it and have seen how other cultures operate, thrive, and live.


When You Love To Travel, You Get So Tired Of Hearing These 5 Things

Last but not least, you hear the phrase, “one day” all too often. You read it on social media and catch it in conversations with people who are looking to get into travel. They say, “One day, I’ll travel the world, too.” And you respond, “What are you waiting for?”

They might say that they’re not in the financial position to buy a plane ticket, or can’t take the vacation time. It’s understandable, but you also know that they could be following their wanderlust, well, now.

They could join the group of millennials who love to travel, and make their wildest dreams into a reality. They could save their extra quarters, potentially re-evaluate their career and lifestyle, and let go of the things that are holding them back. The best part? They could start rolling their eyes, too, at these five things you’re so tired of hearing.