10 Ways You Know You Grew Up In Kuwait

10 Ways You Know You Grew Up In Kuwait

10 Ways You Know You Grew Up In Kuwait

Have you grown up in Kuwait? Here are some things that you’ll likely find relatable

1. You cherished those 15 minutes it rained the whole year.


2. You know how true this is: bebzi = pepsi.


3. Everyone’s favorite flavored chocolate milk.

KDD Chocolate-Milk-250ml

4. Imagine the yummy, creamy texture of this bad boy.


5. You know how effective WASTA can be.


6. You’re used to movies being censored in the cinemas.


7. Your childhood consisted of these treats.

kuwait children food

8. Marina was “the” spot to be.


9. Chicken Machboos was part of you regular diet.


10. National Day celebrations meant spray foam party, until they banned it.

party foam

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