Watch Out Salman’s look-alike on TikTok

Watch Out Salman's look-alike on TikTok

Watch Out Salman’s look-alike on TikTok

TikTok is one app that brought the world by storm. Overnight the app had millions of users performing funny and relatable content. The app also carried away to the common people to grow huge stars.

The personalities of TikTok have millions of followers, seeing forward to their videos all day, every day. The superstar look-alikes are a huge hit on the Chinese video-sharing app. From gareebo ka Ranveer Singh to farzi Ajay Devgn and Kajol, all these actors have separate fan support on the app.

We newly discovered a clone of Salman Khan on the app. And no we are not just speaking it, the similarity between the TikTok Salman Khan and the initial Bhai is weird. A Twitter user, Ali Gul Khan lately shared a TikTok video of Sushant Khanna and strengthen yourselves, he sees and talks and drives precisely like Salman bhai.

The video was bestowed with the caption, “There’s a Salman Khan clone on TikTok and I’m actually shook.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The two actors have accurate behavior. In the footage, Sushant can be seen covering a Being Human T-shirt. Being Human is Salman Khan’s label. He is even carrying a wristband exactly like Salman Khan and doing the exact same idioms like the Bharat star.

Twitter is in hysteria after seeing the video and these commentaries on the thread are evidence.

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