Viral Video: Hand-washing dance by Kerala police is spot on

Viral Video: Hand-washing dance by Kerala police is spot on

After the spread of novel coronavirus in the world and country, Kerala Police took it as an opportunity to share a video on how washing hands will keep the virus away.

The key to fighting coronavirus (COVID-19) is to wash hands with soap regularly to avoid infection and further spread.

In a unique move, Kerala police made a fun video in which they demonstrate how to wash hands effectively to stop the infection and spread. The video has amused the citizens with most of them having a good laugh. It is indeed funny to see cops dancing and giving steps for washing hands. The video has gone viral o Facebook with thousands of likes and shares.

The number of coronavirus cases in India climbed to 147 today, with Maharashtra reporting highest tally followed by Kerala. Kerala has 24 positive cases for coronavirus, with three new cases being reported on Monday. Out of these, three persons, all students from China, have completely recovered and were discharged from the isolation wards.

As per the latest guidelines, the state is now rapidly testing foreign tourists from vulnerable countries and allowing healthy ones to go back home, retaining only those who have tested positive for the virus in the state. These people will be placed under quarantine in observation centers or isolation wards in the state.