Vin Diesel promises ‘Furious 8’ is best film you ever saw

Vin Diesel promises Furious 8 is best film you ever saw - Kuwait Today

Vin Diesel promises Furious 8 is best film you ever saw

Vin Diesel is standing firm on a very big promise: The Fate of the Furious is not just going to be the best Fast & Furious film. It’s going to be the best movie. Ever. Diesel made the promise twice about the eighth film in the Fast & Furious franchise Wednesday from the stage of CinemaCon, the national convention of theater owners. To back it up, the action star then surprised the audience with a full screening of the film, which is out April 14.

“Last time I was here, I promised this is going to be the best film you ever saw,” Diesel said before rolling the film in front of the surprised convention attendees. Fate is the first film in the franchise without late star Paul Walker, who died in a 2013 car accident during a holiday break while filming Furious 7. Diesel was joined onstage by fellow “family” members from the franchise, including Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris as well as Kurt Russell, who debuted in a supporting role in 2015’s Furious 7. Charlize Theron, a franchise newcomer who plays villainous Cipher, also took the stage. Noticeably absent: Dwayne Johnson, who had friction with Diesel during the making of Fate. Johnson had been at CinemaCon both Monday and Tuesday while shooting Ballers in Los Angeles. The series standout was not mentioned during the presentation. Diesel gave props to Walker from the stage, saying the star would be happy the franchise has continued. Two further installments of Furious are planned. “You were reminded of this angel, who was so integral to the concept of brotherhood for this millennium. And there’s something beautiful about that,” Diesel said of Walker. “I always feel he’s looking down on us.”

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