USA: New Jersey’s India Square littered-up with trash on Diwali

USA: New Jersey's India Square littered-up with trash on Diwali

USA: New Jersey’s India Square littered-up with trash on Diwali

Diwali, the celebration unanimously linked with love and light, aimed out to be a horribly untidy affair at the India Square in New Jersey. A video ingesting the rounds of social media presence gushes of water being sprinkled by multiple hydrants so as to clear unbelievable amounts of debris that India Square was littered with.

The road was filled with meaningless boxes, wrappers of crackers and different kinds of waste material. Massive crowds assembled at India Square while it was being washed. Some people – visibly unfazed by the situation – were also heard chatting in Hindi in the video. A New Jersey Police van, meanwhile, guarded the way to administer the work that was brought out.

The fourteen-second video has been yielded on Twitter by a user, Sandhya, with the caption, “Ashamed to be called an Indian. Last Night on Indian Street near Journal Square New Jersey. Hats off to NJ Police handling the disorder Very professionally.”

Watch the video hereabouts:

The video, needless to state, has formed a conversation on Twitter and has already been viewed almost 15,000 times. “All Indians should undergo compulsory rigorous training camps on cleanliness before entering these evolved countries,” a user communicated as numerous others expressed anger in the comments part of the video.

In short, Twitter is enraged: