US Capitol under lockdown

US Capitol under lockdown

US Capitol under lockdown

The US Capitol is under complete lockdown, with no entry or exit allowed due to an external security threat. The lockdown comes just days ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. People inside are being forced to shelter in place after a fire broke out near the complex.

“All buildings within the Capitol Complex: External security threat, no entry or exit is permitted, stay away from exterior windows, doors. If outside, seek cover,” US Capitol Police said in a message, sending a security scare.

The American capital has been put under heightened security with the deployment of nearly 25,000 National Guards to prevent repeat of January 6 incident when thousands of supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol Hill disrupting the constitutional process of certification of electoral college votes by a joint session of the US Congress.

The entire city has now been covered with thousands of national guards being placed in every corner of the city along with iron barricades outside the White House and Capitol Hill.

All participants in the rehearsal for Biden’s inauguration, were evacuated into the building, and participants were being held in the Capitol rotunda and other indoor areas, according to a Reuters witness. Biden will be sworn in on Wednesday.

The city’s fire department Tweeted that firefighters put out an outside fire near the Capitol complex. 

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