UK’s Amnesty International declares alert about traveling to the US

UK's Amnesty International declares alert about traveling to the US

UK’s Amnesty International declares alert about traveling to the US

UK’s Amnesty International circulated universal information to those migrating to the USA after rampage left 31 individuals dead in two mass firings past weekend.

A trip announcement, circulated Wednesday midday, requests for visitors to “exert caution and have an emergency contingency program when traveling everywhere the USA.”

It advises tourists to remain careful at all times and to withdraw places where massive groups gather, including areas of worship, schools or nightclubs, all areas that have been targeted lately.

“Depending on the tourist’s gender identification, race, country of origin, ethnic history, or sexual orientation, they may be at immense risk of being targeted with gun brutality, and should plan respectively,” the announcement adds.

The human rights associations announced the travel alert in the nucleus of “high levels of gun violence,” which Amnesty International pointed to as a human rights emergency.

International nations have taken related actions to shield their occupants by declaring warnings to travelers who have plans or are currently touring America.

The Venezuelan administration published a statement urging its residents to delay journeys to the U.S. after the “recent acts of brutality.”

The news announcement recommends that Venezuelans stay away from cities that have the most violence, indicating a 2019 Forbes column that enters the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Those townships were Cleveland; Detroit; Baltimore; St. Louis; Oakland, California; Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta; Stockton, California; and Buffalo, New York.

Likewise in Latin America, the Uruguayan administration issued a similar statement that compels its occupants to take anticipations when visiting the U.S. because of its “increasing aimless violence” and hate crimes fueled by “racism and prejudice that cost the lives of more than 250 individuals in the first seven months of this year.”

The Uruguayan notice especially recommends evading places that have a large group of characters such as theme parks, malls, art festivals, religious activities, food festivals, sports events, and mass protests.

The warnings from the two Latin American nations come after it was discovered that the El Paso shooting suspect, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, had posted a manifesto to an online message board saying that the massacre was in response to an “invasion” of Hispanics over the southern boundary.

The Japanese Consul in Detroit announced an alert Sunday that told Japanese citizens “should be aware of the potential for gunfire” throughout in the U.S., which they defined as a “gun society,” as per the LA Times.

The Times stated that other nations have circulated travel warnings in the past because of gun brutality in the U.S. such as France, New Zealand, and Germany.

The attacks over the weekend happened 1,300 miles apart at a packed shopping center in El Paso, Texas, and a trendy nightlife complex in Dayton, Ohio. The El Paso and Dayton murders have committed to 2019 being an especially dangerous year for mass crimes in the U.S.

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