UK lockdown to end soon

UK lockdown to end soon

UK lockdown to end soon

British government is making decisions on gradually lifting England’s nationwide lockdown by early spring. This decision is being considered by the national government in order to get the economy back on track. With over 3,367,070 cases and 88,747 fatalities the UK has been hammered by the pandemic. 

There is no change in the total number of persons found positive with the new UK strain of COVID-19 since yesterday, the number of infected people remains at 116.

Currently, the UK is on its third nationwide lockdown. Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had clarified that the restrictions would end in mid-February, not specifying the date. 

 10 new mass vaccination centres will open up by next week across Britain to join the seven already delivering vaccines to immunise against COVID-19.

The UK government plans to offer a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine to every adult by September. UK has chosen to stretch out the time between vaccine doses from 21 days after 12 weeks, a decision that means more people will get at least one dose more quickly.  

There are now 1000 general practice GP let Services and more than 250 hospitals offering Coronavirus vaccinations, with dozens of new High Street pharmacy stores also jabbing people by the end of next week.

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