UAE’s probe enters Mars orbit

UAE's probe enters Mars orbit

UAE’s probe enters Mars orbit

The United Arab Emirates’ first mission to Mars arrived at the red planet on Tuesday and successfully entered orbit on its first attempt. The Emirates Mars Mission known as the Hope Probe sent back a signal confirming it’s in orbit. When the spacecraft arrived, the Hope Probe marked the UAE as only the 5th country in history to reach the red planet and a first for the Arab world. The ambitions of the mission don’t stop there.

Hope’s mission team of roughly 450 people has been designing and testing the Hope spacecraft over the past six years in preparation for this mission. If all goes well, the Hope mission will make UAE the 5th spacefaring power to reach Mars after the United States, former Soviet Union programs, European Space Agency, and India. 

Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s largest tower, lighted up in red to honour UAE’s first Red Planet mission ‘Hope probe’. Burj Khalifa hosts the light show on a daily basis and it diplays special digital images on special events. To mark the success of UAE’s first Red Planet mission, it highlighted the importance of the mission with the red beams on the tower.

The Hope mission weighs around 1,500 kilograms when fuelled up and its cubical structure is made from aluminum with a composite face-sheet. The structure is 2.37 metres wide and 2.9 metres long.It has two solar panel wings affixed to the top platform that will provide 600 watts to charge batteries of the spacecraft, which has a 1.85 meter long antenna.