UAE Dress Code Guide for Residents and Visitors

UAE Dress Code Guide for Residents and Visitors

UAE Dress Code Guide for Residents and Visitors

It is the duty of every resident (expat) and visitor to dress appropriately (properly) in public. Generally, ladies in public places like streets, shopping malls and restaurants should wear shorts, skirts which are of fitting length and down to the knee or at least of knee length.

The authorities may punish an individual by custody and or impose fine on him or her for wearing indecent, vulgar or inappropriate dress in public areas of UAE.

UAE Dress Code on Beaches and Swimming Areas:

Beach wear and swim suits are only allowed in designated areas of beach or swimming pools but under some limitations.

1: Do not wear thong swim suit bottoms

2: Change your swimwear before you leave the pool or beach area.

3: Don’t war wet swimsuits under clothing if the clothing then becomes see through.

4: Topless sunbathing is illegal and is not allowed anywhere in UAE.

To avoid violation of UAE dress code it is advisable to those who wish to visit public beaches and swimming pools to wear a one-piece swimming suit.

Famous Banned Dresses in UAE Public Areas:

Below are the dresses which may lead you to Police for inspection, try to not to show your underwear, G-strings and bras, cover it properly in-order to avoid fine and jail term.

1:  Daisy Duke shorts

2: Very short mini-skirts

3: Tube tops

4: Crop tops and mesh dresses can violate the dress code.

5: Lycra body dresses

6: Short play-suits also might get you in trouble

Dress Code for Men’s in UAE:

Men should also follow appropriate dressing sense while they are in public. Men should have shorts that reach to the knees, t-shirt or a shirt.

Follow Dress Code Boards:

In some government offices, especially in court premises/halls and now in UAE popular shopping malls there are specific boards/hoardings regarding instructions to wear appropriate/decent dress.

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Vulgar Outfit is Not Allowed in UAE:

Clothing shall not indecently expose certain parts of the body such as area above to the knee, chest and hips, to be transparent or display obscene or offensive pictures, slogans, or gestures and anything that might cause religious or cultural offence.

UAE Public Area Instructions:

Important Instructions to follow in Shopping Malls, Metro Stations, Parks and Restaurants:

1: Do not Kiss.

2: Do not hug.

3: Do not Hold Hands.

4: Do not touch and play each other body parts.

5: Try to avoid Eye contact and hand shake specially with Muslim Men and Women’s.

Complaint against You for in-decent dress or activity:

All of us know that UAE is an Islamic country, so, be aware that you could be arrested for offending public decency especially if the complaining person is Muslim and a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.You could be deported from the country or end up with a month in jail.

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