UAE administration announces the first multi-entry five-year visitor visas

UAE administration announces the first multi-entry five-year visitor visas

UAE administration announces the first multi-entry five-year visitor visas

During the year’s first Cabinet meeting, the UAE announced its first multi-entry five-year visitor visa.

On Monday, Dubai’s Prime Minister and Ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid stated the visa will enable visitors to enter this country more than once over five years. Whether there will be a passport application charge is not explicit and no other information has been released either.

Currently, up to 90 days from the date of admission, visitors can enter the UAE with free multiple entry visas.

Sheik Mohammed has said that the visa, to be launched in the next four months, aims to make the UAE a “major global tourism destination” and is part of larger efforts to ready the nation for the next 50 years in growth.

Every year, he added, the Emirates are actually hosting over 21 million tourists.

“Because it’s the year of order to prepare during the next 50, the year in which we design the Emirates ‘ future,” he appended on Twitter, “the year 2020 will be dissimilar.

Dubai has not met its goal of drawing 20 million tourists by 2020, despite a strong success in recently raising the number of participants from China, Omani and the Philippines. The latest statistics showed that it was on course for around 16 million, hit 12 million in the first nine months after a drop in tourists from India, Britain and Russia.

The cabinet members of the government reviewed the successes of last year during the Cabinet meeting and approved the new tourist visa. Sheik Mohammed said all nationalities would have the visa at their hands.

The move is supposed to improve the tourism market and make it easy for people to carry the nation’s families for vacations.

Nitin Chivilkar, a native of Raigad, India, Abu Dhabi, says he thought the new visa would indicate that his families and friends might visit him more regularly.

“I stay with my partner and we have a residency permit, but this is excellent news for my family members and friends who come from India to visit,” said Mr Chivilkar, assistant engineer at the building complexes of the Nation Towers.

“I’ve been here for ten years and it’s a big step forward. Normally, my sisters and colleagues have to reapply for a working visa for a period of three months whenever they need to stay.”

“It’s simple to get into and can be completed for around Dh300 within six days, but if it’s a five-year non-entry visa, it’s excellent news for everyone.”

Emirati Bader Lardhi said that the new visas will give his travel company, Wake Up Tours, a boost in revenue, that currently mostly serves European tourists.

“This will make it much easier for Arab citizens and Asian people who may have their communities here but have not been able to visit as easily as European visitors,” Mr Lardhi concluded.

“It will move the country into bigger markets because this will start opening certain opportunities while they visit family and friends that they can occupy.

“Essentially, with the different visas unveiled like the 10-year visas, the UAE has become more welcoming in terms of economics. These multiple listings for five years will probably help tourism and other businesses as well.”

Christopher Inciong, who will have decided to live in the UAE for 11 yrs and is now able to easily bring his parents to visit the Philippines, also welcomed the press release.

He said that with the short-term duration of the tourist visas, they still had to see him, rendering their trip less cost-efficient.

“I’m certainly going to visit my parents now. It makes it more practical for them to keep enjoying the UAE,” Mr Inciong, who operates at an electronics company in marketing, confirmed.

“Before, the specifications were not easy even though they relied heavily on your job role and your finances.”

Mr Inciong’s in-laws travel the UAE only once a year he has said that the new visa will potentially ask them to come to the nation more regularly.

“This is going to be great for families with children. Before preparing and choosing the best time of the year, but as the new visa is for an extended period of time, you have the luxury of getting grandchildren whatever they want.

“On important occasions, birthdays, Christmas, they can spend time with their grandchildren and children.”

It’s going to be a blessing for households of medium income, people stated.

“This will provide families living here a sense of safety because they wouldn’t have to go through the immigration process every year,” stated Davinder Singh, who is employed for an investment firm.

Over most of the past three years, his siblings have visited the Emirates multiple times and that it would visit more frequently if they had the potential.

“Indians enjoy travelling and the saddest part is that Dubai is so nearby and getting a visa is quick,” he stated.

“It really just makes it more expensive for tourists from India. It will help people from the Gulf and South-East Asia. So many entertainment centres have been established and with more guests, these destinations will also do good.”

Small single-entry long-term visas are the latest big reform in the visa system of the UAE. The reforms provided five-year visas for the nation’s best students and 10-year visas for company owners with substantial assets.

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