‘Trump Tower’ To ‘Dump Tower’ On Google Maps

'Trump Tower' To 'Dump Tower' On Google Maps

‘Trump Tower’ To ‘Dump Tower’ On Google Maps

A prankster decided to get their own form of Internet justice by renaming ‘Trump Tower’ ‘Dump Tower’.

Obviously to us Brits, ‘Trump’ is funny anyway because it’s a much more polite way to say ‘fart’.

Effectively, ‘President Trump’ is pretty much ‘President Assburp’.

And now an Internet prankster decided to be super hilarious and change the name of Trump Tower to Dump Tower. Hey, it’s the little things in life.



We don’t know who exactly is behind it all, but I like to imagine that Hillary Clinton herself had a few glasses of wine last night with Bill. They played truth or dare (whatever it takes to keep the spark alive amirite?!) and giggled as they submitted it to Google. It’s the perfect crime – who can prove it.

It’s since been changed back so maybe we won’t have to see what Trump himself thinks of the prank.

Perhaps he’s tweet: ‘Trump Tower has been renamed Dump Tower on Google Maps’. He likes to state the obvious.

Featured image credit: Google Maps

Source: Theladbible

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