Top ten facts about chewing gum

Top ten facts about chewing gum

Top ten facts about chewing gum

On December 28, 1869 William F Semple of Ohio filed a patent for his Improved chewing gum, arguably the first modern chewing gum.

1. Semple described his invention as “the combination of rubber with other articles adapted to the formation of an acceptable chewing gum.”

2. Earlier less satisfactory gums included John Curtis’s State of Maine Spruce Gum, marketed in 1848, which needed frequent dipping in powdered sugar to stay sweet.

3. Semple never marketed his gum. It was Thomas Adams of New Y

4. Adams was introduced to chicle by General Santa Anna, who led Mexican forces at the Alamo.

5. In the 1920s, US prohibition led to an increase in gum sales as it masked alcohol on the breath.

6. Bubble gum was invented by Walter E Diemer in 1928.

7. The record for the largest bubble ever blown with gum is a bubble 23 inches in diameter.

8. Around 100,000 tons of bubble gum is chewed every year worldwide.

9. The energy Americans use chewing gum would be enough to light a city of

10 million people. 10. Since 2004, it has been illegal to import chewing gum into Singapore.

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