Top 10 August Netflix picks just for you!

Top 10 August Netflix picks just for you!

Top 10 August Netflix picks just for you!

Netflix is never going to stop churning out massive amounts of new and returning original movies and shows. Yes, there’s a lot of trash but the good news is that the highs are getting higher.

In the back half of 2020, several familiar favorites are returning, as well a bunch of shows and movies of significance. Here’s a curated list of the most interesting and best stuff coming to Netflix in 2020.

1. Connected (New docuseries)

Connected | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
02nd AUGUST, 2020.

Science journalist Latif Nasser hosts this reality series about the microscopic and grand ways humans across the globe are connected to each other and the universe. It is, as they say, a small world after all.

2. World’s Most Wanted (New docuseries)

World's Most Wanted | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
05th AUGUST, 2020.

Move over America’s Most Wanted: There’s a new show in town. Bigger in scale, but essentially the same concept, this true crime show explores some of the most heinous criminals from across the globe.

3. The Rain (Season 3)

The Rain Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
06th AUGUST, 2020.

The concept behind this Danish series of a human disseminating virus brought on by the rain doesn’t seem too far off now. It is wrapping up with its third season, though, and now it’s up to the Scandinavian teens to figure out whether they’re going to rebuild society altogether or try to save the world as they know it.

4. Work It (New movie)

Work It starring Sabrina Carpenter & Liza Koshy | Official Trailer ...
07th AUGUST, 2020.

The teen dance movie is alive and well on Netflix. Disney star Sabrina Carpenter appears in this flick as an aspiring performer with no classical training who assembles a ragtag team to dance with her in a dance competition when admissions to her dream school depends on it. 

5. (Un)well (New docuseries)

Un)Well | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
12th AUGUST, 2020.

This docuseries takes a deep dive into the wellness industry and attempts to expose what trends truly work, and which are a load of crap.

6. Project Power (New movie)

Project Power starring Jamie Foxx | Official Trailer | Netflix ...
14th AUGUST, 2020.

Would you take a pill that gave you superpowers for just five minutes, even if there were risks? Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt sure would — as they do in this movie from the team behind Nerve, about a group trying to take down the inventors behind the contentious drug. 

7. Biohackers (New series) 

Biohackers | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
20th AUGUST, 2020.

A med student uncovers the use of an advanced biohacking technology at her university and gets sucked into the underground world in this new sci-fi thriller.

8. Lucifer (Season 5)

Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
21st AUGUST, 2020.

Netflix picked up this hellish comedy after Satan had his way with it and canceled it on FOX after just Season 3. They aired Season 4 last year, and now everyone’s favorite dark angel is coming back for a fifth installment on the streamer. 

9. Trinkets (Season 2) 

Trinkets' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
25th AUGUST, 2020.

Netflix is carrying on yet another teen series inspired by a YA novel, despite the novel its based on not having a sequel. Trinkets, about a group of teen thieves in Shoplifters Anonymous, will keep the story going with a second season.

10. Cobra Kai (Season 1-2)

Cobra Kai' Moves to Netflix | Hollywood Reporter
28th AUGUST, 2020.

This Karate Kid follow-up originally aired on YouTube Premium back in 2018, but now it’s moving over to Netflix where it’ll eventually air a third season as a Netflix original. The series picks up over 30 years after the events of the ’80s hit, following the modern rivalry between Johnny and Daniel, with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their iconic roles.