‘The Roman Bridge’, The new debut book of Andre Viegas, soon in Kuwait

'The Roman Bridge', The new debut book of Andre Viegas, soon in Kuwait

‘The Roman Bridge’, The new debut book of Andre Viegas, soon in Kuwait

The Roman Bridge. It was an easy choice of title and plot. I’ve grew in a small town in Portugal called Assafora, caressed by the salty wind of the sea and nature’s pure green delight on the opposite side. Inbetween stands a roman bridge with a few stories attached. My book is another one of those stories. As I grew up I’ve been allowed to imagine and build ideas of the world and its richness through the counsel and guidance of my mother and grandmother. They’ve helped reach to this very point where I stand now, creating this work of fiction.

Building onto the story’s plot, I have taken inspiration in other works of fiction dwelling on time-travel and included it as part of the journey, each of the characters encounter. ÅIvaro, the main male character, is named after my grandfather whom I never had the pleasure of knowing but heard many humble stories of him, allowing me to build, in my imagination, what would be of him in the situations described in the book. Aurora, the older sister, is a raw and realistic portrayal of trial-and-error type of character in which I have been inspired by my niece, for the name. Lastly, the third character, Ana, is based on the courage, intelligence and empowerment of women. They deserve more respect and recognition. She has dealt – and her mother – with sensitive topics, inherited by their traits and struggle in which the reader will be able to question their role in helping to surpass those society’s downfalls.

In an extra attempt to entice the reader, you’ll find yourself experiencing a set of emotions that range from possibly giggling to heartfelt empathy. My purpose is to instill those emotions by exploring different styles of writing, even though the main genre is historical fiction.

In the end, being an expat in Kuwait and being able to release a book that explores the open themes of Portugal’s history is a great moment for me, my family and fellow portuguese expatriates around the world, however, this book targets every reader who is looking for a different experience and different outlook on a plot not yet explored.

The Roman Bridge paperback option will be available soon in Arwiqa Piblishing Bookstore (Al Tilal Complex – Shuwaik) for readers in Kuwait, available on Jamloon website for international sales of the paperback option and available on

Amazon Kindle for the e-book option.

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