Supreme Court criticizes severely to Central Govt on Delhi Air Pollution

Supreme Court criticizes severely to Central Govt on Delhi Air Pollution

Supreme Court criticizes severely to Central Govt on Delhi Air Pollution

Coming down heavily on the central and Delhi governments over rising air pollution, the Supreme Court said on Monday that the national capital is choking every year and that we can’t do anything about it.

“Every year this happens and continues for 10-15 days, this is not the case in civilized countries. The right to life is the most important,” the Supreme Court said.

“It’s not the way we can live. The Center should do … the state should do, can’t go on. That’s too much. There’s no room safe to live in this city, even in homes. We’re losing precious years of our lives because of that,” said the Apex Court.

“The situation is bleak, what do you plan to do as a hub and as Delhi? What do you intend to do to reduce this pollution?”

The Supreme Court also ordered the states of Punjab and Haryana to limit the burning of stubble, which is one of the main contributors to the sudden rise in pollution in Delhi.

Pollution has reached an alarming amount in the national capital, as the skies have been shrouded with a haze of smog for several days.

Major pollutants PM 2.5 and PM 10 were recorded at 500 in Lodhi Road on Monday morning, as air pollution in Delhi continues to be in the ‘ severe ‘ category.

The AQI is expected to remain in the ‘ severe ‘ category, and the reduced magnitude will only be realized by today’s evening and further relief from early November 5 to the upper end of the ‘ very poor ‘ category, unless there is rain that is increasing as dense clouds are seen near Delhi.

In the meantime, schools were also shut down in Noida after AQI reached 1,000 marks in several places on Sunday.

Delhi’s total AQI at 6 p.m. was 708 (PM2.5), Noida was 720 and Gurugram was 833. A look at AQI at different locations in Delhi on Monday morning:

Pusa – 714 (PM2.5 level)
Lodhi road – 705 ( PM2.5 level)
Delhi University- 695 ( PM2.5 level)
Airport – 763 ( PM2.5 level )
Mathura road -647 ( PM 2.5 level)
Aayanagar – 781 ( PM 2.5 level)
IIT Delhi -717 ( PM 2. Level)
Dhirpur- 676 – ( PM 2. 5level )
Chandni Chowk – 457 ( PM 2.5 level)

Starting today, the odd-even scheme has also been implemented in Delhi, which is expected to provide some relief from the pollution that has transformed Delhi into a gas chamber.