Study : Efficacy of Pfizer’s 3rd dose is 96%

Study : Efficacy of Pfizer's 3rd dose is 96%

Study : Efficacy of Pfizer’s 3rd dose is 96%

The booster shot of Pfizer/BioNTech is 95.6 % effective against symptomatic infection, the data published by the maker states.

The companies said the trial, which has not been peer-reviewed, tested 10,000 participants aged 16 and older, and found that the booster shot had a favorable safety profile.

Many countries have already approved booster shots to increase immunity in people who are already vaccinated, but whose protection may have reduced after few months.

The U.S. CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, on Thursday, suggested vaccine booster for receivers of Moderna Inc and Johnson & Johnson shots, and said that citizens can select a different shot from their original jab as a booster.