Sri Lanka reopens international tourism

Sri Lanka reopens international tourism

Sri Lanka reopens international tourism

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has promised a “safe and secure” visit to the  country, albeit with several rules and regulations in place such limited vacation spots, mandatory PCR tests just before boarding, and restrictions on meeting locals.

As the global crisis began to unfold, Sri Lanka was only just recovering from a tragedy. Tourism in the country was hard-hit by the Easter bombings of April 2019, reducing tourist arrivals to just over 37,000 in May 2019 — a 70% drop from the previous year.

Sri Lanka will also establish air links with Myanmar this year to boost tourism, including travels for medical and religious purposes, its Foreign Ministry said in a statement here Friday. Colombage said launching direct flights to Myanmar will facilitate tourists on both sides, and that it will be a timely move as Sri Lanka is getting ready to open its airports on Jan. 21 for tourists, in its efforts towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are looking forward to visit Sri Lanka, these are the guidelines to be followed :

  • The PCR test will have to be done 96 hours before boarding. Once you arrive, two more PCR tests will be conducted within the time period of your check-in and a 14-day limited vacation.
  • These facilities have to be pre-booked and a proper travel insurance of $12 is needed for a $50,000 dollar policy for a month.
  • A stay in Level 1 hotel is recommended that follows all the guidelines of Covid19 protocol.
  • Limited spots such as Yala National Park and the Sigiriya Fortress will be available for exploration.
  • Wear a mask, avoid crowds and use different modes of contactless payment while travelling.