Shameful is the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims in Kuwait

Shameful is the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims in Kuwait

Shameful is the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims in Kuwait

Shameful is the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims in Kuwait. This law was adopted by some of our parliamentarians, senior fanatics and “puritans”. This disgraceful law, which is against Islamic principles and the country’s Constitution, was praised by some moderate parliamentarians and the then government.

Islam as well as Muslim countries including the caliphates and others did not ban non-Muslims from obtaining citizenship like in our country through this unjust law.

Non-Muslim countries do not prohibit naturalization of people who embrace religions different from the religion of the majority. It makes us wonder how we enacted this shameful legislation and continue to respect it throughout these years while being an international humanitarian country and our Amir being the global humanitarian leader of the entire world.

In one word, this law is a violation of the least humanitarian principles. Here are some instances to prove the disgracefulness of this law.

The first instance is that of the King of Netherlands and his spouse. They humbly partook of the Ramadan Iftar at one of the Iftar centers in that kingdom, which has been categorized as one of the best countries to live in the world.

Another instance is the scene of a beautiful MP of the Austrian parliament who wore hijab while giving a speech at the parliament to protest the enactment of a law that bans female Muslim students in primary schools from wearing hijab.

We saw New Zealand’s Prime Minister do the same following a terrorist attack on two mosques by an Australian citizen which had resulted in the death of 50 worshipers during a Friday prayer in that country.

We also saw how the young Canadian Prime Minister praised Islam and Muslims to the extent that he announced he will fast in solidarity with his Muslim compatriots.

There are many such instances that reflect tolerance in countries where the people are termed as infidels and disbelievers by our takfiris and fanatics, but such a description suits the latter before anyone one else. This is due to the fact that Almighty Allah recommended good for all human beings, and not evil. This precept migrated from its motherland without return and until further notice but we unfortunately are still enduring its effect to this age.

The aforementioned instances came to my mind after I, during one of my usual Ramadan visitations, met a person who, along with his parents, served Kuwait and its people in ways that hundreds of Kuwaitis have not for this country, especially those who enacted the shameful law with the backing of pressure forces that are characterized by fanatics, unjustified puritanism and “takfirism”.

This person’s father was an expert in international affairs. He came to Kuwait to organize our foreign ministry from its root. We all saw him in the historic moment when he spoke but never spoke again in the future.

It was the moment of recognition for Kuwait as an independent State and as part of the United Nations, the moment that was followed by the raising of its flag in front of the UN building in New York.

In the picture, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who was our foreign minister at the time, can be seen as he raises the flag along with the father of the person about whom I am talking and who served Kuwait and its people in major investment companies.

His father as well he served this country for more than six decades, but he has not yet received the citizenship of Kuwait because they are non-Muslims!!!

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