Saudi teen ‘Abu Sin’ arrested for flirting with YouTube star

abu sin

Saudi teen ‘Abu Sin’ arrested for flirting with YouTube star

A 19-year-old YouTuber has been jailed for “unethical behavior.” 

The Saudi teen, known as Abu Sin, was arrested Sunday in Riyadh, and his arrest was captured on YouNow—the messaging platform where Abu Sin has become quite popular—as he spoke with a man from Kuwait.

YouNow is also where Abu Sin has been chatting with Christina Crockett, an American YouTuber. Since the summer, their chats have gone from friendly to flirty, and their back-and-forth—made even more endearing by a language barrier—gained them lots of new followers. In clips, Abu Sin writes her poems and does a dance for her.

Speaking to the Saudi Gazette, Riyadh police spokesman Colonel Fawaz Al-Mayman said the teen’s “videos received many comments and many of the commenters of the general public demanded for him to be punished for his actions.”

He added that Abu Sin became famous for “negative attention,” and that he and Crockett “composed enticing videos which received thousands of followers and viewers from all over the world within a short period of time.”

According to a lawyer, the teen could face one to three years in prison for a breach of Sharia Law and information technology law. We’ve reached out to Crockett for comment.

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