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Saudi students gear up for in-person classes

Saudi students gear up for in-person classes

Saudi students gear up for in-person classes

Saudi education authorities have begun listing employees who have received the jabs against COVID-19, according to a local newspaper, as the country is preparing for in-person classes in the new school year after months of online learning due to the pandemic.

The Education Ministry has issued a circular to gather a list and follow-up of the vaccinated employees, the online newspaper Ajel reported.

The ministry has set up a link for its employees on the COVID-19 vaccination upon instructions from the education minister, who has urged them to get vaccinated by August 1, the report said. The new academic year in Saudi Arabia is due to begin in late August.

Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al Sheikh last week disclosed that the new academic year will feature three semesters instead of the usual as part of major education reforms in the country. Al Sheikh urged education employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before August 1 to protect their health and ensure a smooth in-person class education process.

The vaccination will be verified via health apps Tawakkalna and Tabaud. The Education Ministry has said that getting vaccinated will be obligatory for accessing all public and private schools, universities and technical training institutions.

All students of government and private universities as well as technical and vocational training institutions will return to classes provided they are in safe health status.

Universities and training institutions will announce the decisions necessary for specifying attendance mechanisms.

The ministry said that return of pre-university students to public and private schools will be in line with approved operational patterns that will be announced in due time.

The age groups targeted to return to school classes will be specified in coordination with the Ministry of Health and its approved arrangements while heeding aspects related to student density in schools and those located in remote areas.

Last year, Saudi Arabia suspended in-person classes and switched to distance- learning via a government platform as part of stringent measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.