Restrictions to be eased in France from Monday

Restrictions to be eased in France from Monday

Restrictions to be eased in France from Monday

France will relax Covid isolation rules from Monday, the government announced, in a bid to ease their impact on society and the economy.

Fully vaccinated people in France who test positive will now only have to isolate for seven days, and can leave quarantine after five days if they show a negative test.

Meanwhile, people who test positive for the virus – but who are not fully vaccinated must complete a 10-day quarantine, according to the same rules, but shortened to seven should they present a positive antigen or negative PCR test.

French authorities followed other countries such as the United States, which this week cut the isolation period to prevent disruptions in industries for lack of staff.

France has placed the United States on its “red list” for travel restrictions. From Saturday, non-vaccinated travelers arriving from the United States must undergo a 10-day quarantine. Non-vaccinated French travelers must have a compelling reason to travel to the United States as well.

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