Restaurants set to serve customers from Tuesday

Restaurants set to serve customers from Tuesday

Restaurants set to serve customers from Tuesday

As the restaurants and cafes set to open up and serve customers inside the restaurant from Tuesday, several restaurants carried out a complete cleaning and sterilization campaigns.

As per the guidelines, the restaurants and cafes must adhere to the commitment, such as the spacing between tables and seating is not less than two meters. The temperature must be checked for all visitors to the restaurant or café.

Restaurants also must provide hand sanitizer in places where visitors are located, especially at the entrances and near cashiers and those customers who have a temperature above 37.5-degree celsius will not be allowed to enter the restaurant.

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The use of Hookah is banned in the restaurant and all restaurants/ cafes must be cleaned twice a day.

Restraunst cannot use their utensils such as plate, spoon, fork etc. for the customer. They have to serve the dish in disposable dishes and utensils. Cannot keep napkins and spices in the dining hall and must be presented to customers upon request.

Several restaurants are keeping a separator between the tables at a distance of two meters. Guidelines also restrict the gathering of people near the entrance or at the reception.