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The REAL reasons Arabs have trust issues

The REAL reasons Arabs have trust issues

The REAL reasons Arabs have trust issues

It has nothing to do with your parents’ broken promises.

Are you Arab? Do you have a hard time trusting people? Have you always wondered why you’re like that? Well, your trust issues actually developed subconsciously over time due to certain things you encountered as a child. No, it has nothing to do with your parents’ broken promises and it’s not related to the fact that your crush completely ignored you when you were 5 years old.

These are the REAL reasons Arabs have trust issues. P.S: It’s 1000% scientific.

Reason #1: Butter cookie boxes played you more times than you can remember


During your darkest, most stressful days … just when you needed to shove those butter cookies down your throat, the cookie box failed you.  It made you believe it was there for you, but in reality it was too busy giving its time to those sewing supplies. Talk about friendship.

Reason #2: Nutella jars failed to be there in times of need … because spices

capture-700x-700xIt may have happened once to you as a child, but it scarred you for life. Those jars chose to fill themselves up with spices without even consulting you! How dare they?

Reason #3: Your mom made you believe hamburger in pita bread is legit


But, there comes a moment in all our lives when we find out that hamburger in pita bread is a complete FAKE. And that’s when you believe life is FAKE.

Reason #4: Speaking of hamburger … “HAMburger 3a djej” is a complete fraudcapture-jpg-700x

Your parents and restaurant menus made you believe “hamburger 3a djej” is a real thing, but you were let down. Big time.

Reason #5: When people say “give it time” … you know the time will never come10o5g3-700x

You’ve waited endless hours for people to show up at a gathering … but to Arabs time is just a concept. A timeless, endless concept.

Reason #6: Your father promised to give you his eyes. He did not keep his promise

capture-jpg-700x (1)

Blame your father. He is to blame.

Reason #7: You cannot fathom that something can last for more than 3 seconds … thanks to this


Yup, it’s a real challenge.

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