Why Does Not The Queen Of Britain Have A Passport?

Why Does Not The Queen Of Britain Have A Passport?

Why Does Not The Queen Of Britain Have A Passport?

Still looking for your passport in order to board the plane for your next trip? This is because you are not like the Queen of Britain who can cross the border without an official identity document.

Queen Elizabeth II has many royal powers under the British unwritten constitution, including traveling abroad without a passport, although other members of her family need this document in their travels. Why does the Queen have this privilege?
According to the newspaper “West France”, says the official website of the property: “When traveling abroad, the queen does not need a British passport”; the queen does not have identity papers, unlike all other members of the royal family, including the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales, they hold passport.

Travel without a passport is not the only advantage of Elizabeth II; although the issuance of all driving licenses in the UK is in her name, she does not need a driving license, and she is not obliged to hang up her car plates. Elizabeth II is a good driver. Army during World War II, especially ambulances.

It is exempt from, among other things, any legal action, but on this point, the official property website says: “Although it can not be prosecuted under British law, the Queen guarantees, in her personal capacity, that all her actions comply with the law.”

Elizabeth II also does not have an electoral card; because she does not vote, on the other hand, she is the owner of dolphins and whales in the seas within Britain, since the law of 1324 which has not been repealed yet, as well as all swans found in the public waters of the Kingdom.