Qatar outlines rules for COVID-19 certificates

Qatar outlines rules for COVID-19 certificates

Qatar outlines rules for COVID-19 certificates

Qatar has set rules for accessing vaccination certificates against COVID-19, making it obligatory for the application to have received the two doses of the vaccine.

Persons, who have already received the vaccination jabs, can upload their own official inoculation certificates from the Ministry of Public Health via the following link: Seven days should have passed since getting the last dose.

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The applicant has to visit the website, enter the username and password related to the National Authentication System (NAS). In case, the applicant has no NAS user account, he/she can set up an accountant via the main page of the system: LINK or via a link provided on applying for getting an official vaccination certificate.

Qatar, a country of about 2.7 million population, started mass vaccinations against COVID-19 last December. At least 2.3 million doses have since been administered to people in Qatar amid a stepped-up inoculation campaign, the country’s Health Ministry said.