Park “Al-Shaheed” appears as the most valued property in Kuwait


Park “Al-Shaheed” appears as the most valued property in Kuwait

“Al-Shaheed Park,” an outcrop of greenery and space that serves as a symbol of the glorious history of the nation, lies in the heart of Kuwait City, in addition to being a multifaceted attraction that offers tourists a fantastic experience.

As the nation’s biggest public space, situated between nearby high-rise towers and extending over 320,000 square meters, it portrays a glorious Kuwait picture as an everlasting remembrance of the nation’s martyrs by attracting a wide range of celebrations.

As per the His Highness the Amir Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Executive vice president Abdulaziz Ishaq, who characterized the “novel project” as a development project championed by Kuwaiti youth, Kuwait’s Amiri Diwan has recently been given the project a big facelift.

The influential government department has sent young guys in charge of running the park as an attempt to encourage Kuwaiti youth to contribute to national development initiatives, the spokesman added, emphasizing tourist health as a persistent priority of the policy.

Churning out impressive figures, the official announced that over the last four years the park has received over five million tourists from different age groups, in addition to organizing more than 3,600 activities running the gamut from athletic spectacles to lavish crafts.

He said of a dream behind all the creation of the project, which seeks to turn the facility into a bastion of Kuwaiti culture and the country’s epicenter of sport, pointing out that the multitude of events provided by the park is family-oriented and appeal to both children and adolescents respectively.

Moreover, the property has hired special guide programs, all of which lead tourists on a thorough tour of the facility, giving them some of Kuwait’s most important historical tidbits and geographical facts, he disclosed.

As a leisure center, in conjunction with engaging in a shopping spree at some of the stores, it also helps tourists to schedule rendezvous in some of the cafes and restaurants found inside.

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