Pakistani Government stops Samjhauta Express at Wagah

Pakistani Government stops Samjhauta Express at Wagah

Pakistani Government stops Samjhauta Express at Wagah

Pakistani Government has ‘locked down’ the Samjhauta Express train assistance between India and Pakistan, its railway diplomat Sheikh Rasheed declared on Thursday. Indian administrators, nevertheless, state no formal information to this effect was circulated by Islamabad Government.

Indian Railway declared that the train was halted at Wagah border and adjustments were being made to transport the abandoned travelers to India.

“#Samjhautaexpress. The train will run. The train is remaining moved from Wagah and it will come to Attari,” stated by an official tweet from Indian railway ministry.

Reuters cited Pakistan Minister Sheikh Rasheed as mentioned, “We have decided to shut down Samjhauta Express,” he was further cited proposing the assistance will not be continued any time soon, “As long as I am railways minister, Samjhauta Express can’t operate,” Reuters cited Rasheed reporting journalists. Samjhauta Express exercises twice a week.

Before Pakistan Minister’s tweet surfaced, Indian railway references stated, “Pakistan had raised some concerns with regards to security for crew and guard of the Samjhauta Express and they were told that the situation was normal on this side. However, we are sending our own engine with our crew to bring a train from Wagah to Attari.”

Stationmaster of Attari railway station adjacent to the border with Pakistan, Arvind Kunar Gupta answered, “We got a message from Pakistan railways that the crew members and guards of Samjhauta Express refused to take the train into Indian territory. They allowed us to send our driver and staff to take the train from Wagah.”

He continued that a train locomotive from Amritsar was being transferred for this plan, “We have called a train engine, its driver and other staff members from Amritsar railway station. The staff will go to Wagah for bringing the train into India.”

As per the report, Samjhauta Express was stabbed at Wagah railway station on the Pakistan side since 9:30 am.

There are approximately 110 passengers on board the train held at Wagah and about 70 waiting to board the train to Pakistan on its return journey, declared the railway reference cited above.

The movement happens after Indian Parliament okayed scrapping of Article 370 in J & K and apportioning the state into two Union Territories. This was vigorously reprimanded by Pakistan, which held a special assembly of its Parliament to rebuke the issue and succeeding decided to minimize ties with New Delhi.