PACI Kuwait Launches Kuwait Mobile ID App

‎Public Authority For Civil Information (PACI) launches Kuwait Mobile ID App

PACI Kuwait Launches Kuwait Mobile ID App

Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has launched the Kuwait Mobile ID app that allows citizens and expats in Kuwait a digital representation of their Civil ID. 

The Kuwait Mobile ID App is provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). It offers citizens and residents in the State of Kuwait a digital ID which can be used for the following purposes and more:

– Portable mobile based Civil ID for identity verification

– Authentication to Government and non-government eServices

– Trusted Digital Signature of electronic documents and transactions

The app is now a phone-based Civil ID for identity verification. 

You can download the app ‘Kuwait mobile ID’ from both Play Store and App store.

The application is available in Arabic and English.

What is Kuwait Mobile ID?

Kuwait Mobile ID is a Digital Civil Identification Card that can be used in various government and non-government transactions.

How can I get a Mobile ID?

Install “Kuwait Mobile ID” from the App Store for IOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices.

Who is eligible to have the Mobile ID service on his smartphone?

The service is currently available for all the citizens and residents with smart cards over the age of 5 years.

Can I use my Mobile ID to access eServices outside Kuwait?

Yes, Mobile ID services can be used abroad.

Who is responsible to protect my Mobile ID?

It’s your responsibility to protect your Mobile ID on your phone from being stolen or misused.

Can residents holding article 20 apply for the Mobile ID service?

No, the Mobile ID service is currently available for only citizens and residents with smart Civil IDs over the age of 5 years. PACI will soon announce the procedure for article 20 residency holders.

What should I do if my smart phone that had the MID was lost or stolen?

If an additional phone is available, you simply can download the app and register again. This will automatically remove your previously issued ID without any further efforts.

My Mobile ID PIN is locked. How can I unlock it?  

Send an email to subjected as: Mobile ID PIN Unlock, including in the body your civil ID number and mobile number.

Can one smart phone hold more than one ID simultaneously for numerous persons?

No, for each smartphone only one Mobile ID can be issued.