Over 420,000 expats holding valid Kuwait residency stranded abroad

Over 420,000 expats holding valid Kuwait residency stranded abroad
Major-General Anwar Al-Barjas

Over 420,000 expats holding valid Kuwait residency stranded abroad

Kuwait Ministry of Interior for Residency Affairs, Major General Anwar Al-Barjas said over 420,000 expats holding valid Kuwait residency stranded abroad.

Major General Anwar Al-Barjas also said that the issuance of new entry visas of all kinds for all nationalities is stopped until further notice. The new visa will be issued only upon the instructions by the Kuwait Ministry of Health.

An amendment to the residency law is currently underway and will be submitted to the concerned authorities in preparation for approval, he added. The Demographics Adjustment Committee is still in the process of preparing the final report before submitting it to the competent authorities for consideration for the approval of their proposals.

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Major General also said that the residency violators, who have not left the country within the given deadline, will be punished and deported and will not be allowed to return to Kuwait. A security campaign will be launched soon immediately after the commercial flight operation become normal.

Meanwhile, The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has begun registering nationals who do not possess valid travel documents and want to return to their country. The embassy said it has launched a ‘Registration Drive’ for Indian nationals in Kuwait who do not have a valid passport or valid emergency certificate.

For those looking to register, the embassy has posed an online form on their official website.

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The Indian community is the largest foreign expatriate community in Kuwait, with around 1.45 million Indian nationals residing in Kuwait. With a population of four million, Indians make up 36 per cent of the entire population of Kuwait.