One Passenger per Taxi to start running from Tomorrow

One Passenger per Taxi to start running from Tomorrow

One Passenger per Taxi to start running from Tomorrow

With the start of the third stage in the plan for return to normal life, thousands of taxis have reappeared on the streets following the suspension of their activities for about five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of taxi drivers, who were without a job for months, are geared up to begin their work from tomorrow.

The lockdown imposed on Farwaniya, one of Kuwait’s six governorates, ended at 5am, the centre for government communication said on Twitter.

As per the operating guidelines, the taxis will start operating from tomorrow with only one passenger.

“How if a man and his wife and family are in the street, or someone with his friends, or more than one individual connected with each other? Each one of them will ride in a separate taxis?” one of the taxi drivers shared his concerns.

“Taxis will adhere to the health and preventive measures of wearing the masks, and other health requirements inside the car. Often there will be two customers such as a person and his brother or a person and his wife. We are not sure how this situation will be handled. I afraid this decision will force people to deal with private taxis that are in violation of the law, as no one will ask the driver of the private car about the presence of more than one person in his car”, owner of a taxi company said.

The government had imposed several health requirements such as wearing of face masks and gloves and isolating the taxi driver from passengers through a plastic barrier, etc. But one of the major decision which prevents carrying more than one passenger in a taxi surprised the drivers.

Kuwait has had 64,379 cases of Covid-19 and 438 deaths, including 606 new infections and 5 fatalities reported by the Ministry ofHealth on Monday.

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