Omicron: Kuwait restricts visit visas

Omicron: Kuwait restricts visit visas

Omicron: Kuwait restricts visit visas

Kuwait authorities took strict measures in issuing tourist visas especially from those countries where the Omicron virus has been detected.

The step is after the detection of Omicron mutant coronavirus in neighboring GCC countries.

The Ministry of Interior has issued about 1,200 tourist visas within a week where maximum daily requests were set to 600 visas only. The majority of these visas are issued to 53 countries’ citizens through e-visa online system.

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In addition, some expats from Gulf countries who have specific professions are also granted tourist visas. Kuwaiti authorities have said the new strain has not been detected in the country and have suspended flights from nine African nations.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Tuesday urged citizens against traveling abroad unless necessary to stay safe.

The ministry called on Kuwaitis, who have to travel at present for compulsory reasons, to strictly comply with health standards and measures enforced by several countries to tackle the coronavirus and its mutants.