Oman’s supreme committee bans gatherings of all kinds

Oman's supreme committee bans gatherings of all kinds

Oman’s supreme committee bans gatherings of all kinds

Oman’s Supreme Committee in charge of dealing with the control of COVID -19 in Oman, has banned gatherings from today until further notice. The ban effective from January 28 applies to all kinds of group gatherings, across the Sultanate and includes international events, activities and conferences that were scheduled to happen in Oman.

Falling under the remit of this announcement are the colleges, universities and schools which had opened for direct education as part of the blended education method. With this ruling, all these activities remain suspended till a further announcement is made by the Supreme Committee.

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Popular local events and sports activities that had resumed recently will also remain suspended with this announcement. The 18th annual camel race that was scheduled for today has been postponed indefinitely per an announcement from Royal Camel Corps.

Oman’s Ministry of Health has been going ahead with the COVID – 19 vaccination programme, for the target group of frontline workers and others falling in the immuno-compromised vulnerable category. The rest of the general population have been advised to take precautionary measures at all times including wearing face masks, social distancing and avoiding gatherings. Offenders and violators are handed down with severe penalties and heavy