Oman: Curfew on people’s movement relaxed

Oman: Curfew on people’s movement relaxed

Oman: Curfew on people’s movement relaxed

Oman’s Supreme Committee announced relaxed timings for vehicular and people’s movement from 8pm till 5am from April 8 onwards. Commercial activities will remain closed during this time. Additionally, as per the decision of Supreme Committee, even gyms and health clubs have closed with immediate effect until further notice. Beach side parks and gardens, which are aplenty in the capital city, are expected to see increased footfall during non-curfew hours.

The relaxation of curfew timings also brought some amount of cheer among residents and citizens.

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Avaantica Ashok, a freelance content-strategist, said it will be good to have a short respite before the country goes back again to partial lockdown when Ramadan starts. “Closure of gyms will be hardest for gym-rats like me, who will find it difficult when the lockdown starts again as we cannot go out for our runs in the late evening hours. But the interim relaxation is good as it will give us an opportunity to meet with our friends in the evening.”

The Supreme Committee has also ruled that during Ramadan, people are not allowed to venture from their homes from 9pm till 4am. Gatherings of all kinds, including Iftar gatherings at home or other make-shift places, have also been banned, as are sports activities.

The Ministry of Health and the Supreme Committee officials have requested everyone not to lower the guard, and continue to maintain all precautionary measures including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitising hands with soap and sanitisers.

While visitors will not be allowed to enter Oman from April 8, entry to Oman will remain open for those with valid Omani resident cards and also for Omani citizens.