Oman: Companies to pay for quarantine of staff

Oman: Companies to pay for quarantine of staff

Oman: Companies to pay for quarantine of staff

Oman’s Government Communication Centre has shared further updates and conditions on the provision of mandatory institutional quarantine for companies wishing to use their own accommodation facilities for staff quarantine.

Per the stipulation, such companies wishing to provide for staff quarantine in their own accommodation unit must submit a request for approval to the Director General of Social Development’s Relief and Shelter Sector.

An approval is required to activate the institutional mandatory quarantine of the organization’s staff in their staff accommodation facility. Other compulsory requirements as laid down by the concerned authorities including the provision of room with an attached toilet where the staff will be quarantined for seven days, providing meals in disposable containers, providing laundry services facility, as well as pick-up service from Muscat International Airport to company’s designated accommodation facility where the staff is to be quarantined. The expenses on account of the above would be borne by the company.

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The rules on this subject also stipulate that there has to be adequate facility to run the second PCR test at the accommodation premise at a specified place after the seven-day quarantine is completed as well as to remove the movement-monitoring wrist-band.

The wrist band can be removed by private clinics accredited with the General Directorate of Private Health Institutions of the Ministry of Health and in coordination with the concerned in the General Directorate.

The quarantine facility should also have adequate supply of masks, disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning materials to be provided to those in quarantine.

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