Oman: 2,000 Indians register to leave without paying fines

Oman: 2,000 Indians register to leave without paying fines

Oman: 2,000 Indians register to leave without paying fines

Over 2,000 Indian nationals whose work permits have expired have registered under the exit scheme to leave Oman for good without paying any fines or fees, the Indian Ambassador said on Monday.

According to local media, Munu Mahawar said the embassy has also issued 500 emergency travel documents to citizens who do not have a valid passport for travel.

“As on date, over 2,000 Indian nationals have registered under the exit scheme, out of which many have already got approval to travel,” Mahawar informed.

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The exit scheme introduced by the government of Oman aims to facilitate the expat workforce to permanently leave the country and exempts employers from all fees and fines resulting from the expiration of work permits. “The Embassy is encouraging people to come forward to register and return to India before the deadline of December 31. We have facilitated registration of a large number of people at the Embassy premises, and we are providing this service absolutely free of charge,” he noted.

The Indian embassy is also issuing emergency travel document (Emergency Certificate) for citizens who do not possess a valid passport. “Once a person has registered and obtained the approval of Ministry of Labour for travel, he/she can approach any of the passport/visa collection centres of BLS for issue of EC,” the Ambassador explained.

As part of the exit scheme, the Indian government has waived-off all fees for the issue of EC. “We have already issued travel documents to around 500 persons,” he said.