Here’s How Often You Should Really Shampoo Your Hair

Here's How Often You Should Really Shampoo Your Hair

Here’s How Often You Should Really Shampoo Your Hair

Anyone smart will tell you that you SHOULDN’T shampoo your hair every day. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shower…everyday. ‘Cause the last thing you’d want to do is smell like a rotten egg.

Shampooing every day strips the natural oil from your hair, making the sebaceous gland pump out way too much oil into your scalp and making your hair super greasy.

Shocking, right? We thought as much! The thickness of your hair, the oil content (in your scalp) and how dry your scalp is—are some factors that should help you decide how often to shampoo (and condition).

So, naturally it varies from person to person, but to get a better idea of the whole ordeal, we asked 10 men on how often they shampoo their hair, and WHY? And here’s what they had to say…

1. “I’m too cautious about putting chemicals in my hair, and after a wise recommendation from an ex-girlfriend, I now only use Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo. Trust me, it’s magical!” – Vinayak, 30


2. “My hair has finally started to grow back, so I wash my hair with Dove anti-dandruff shampoo once-a-week in winter, and about 2-3 times (a week) in summer. I use the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo religiously.” Sean, 27

3. “I shampoo every day because I’ve got straight hair that definitely requires a daily wash to keep the look and feel right. A friend had recommended an all-natural shampoo called Nashi Argan. I’m obsessed with it right now!” Varun Mukhi, 26
4. “I shampoo once in every 2 days with a little-known gem called, Organix Moroccan Argan Oil.” Amtosh, 29
5. “As a model, I use way too many products on my hair than I should. So, I end up washing my hair about 3 times a week.” Param, 236. “I was my head about two-to-three times a week. I’m a fan of the Tresemme hair fall defense shampoo, because of obvious reasons (laughs).” Amit, 32how-often-you-should-really-shampoo-your-hair-652x400-5-14866473287. “I’m all for washing my hair everyday with the Kerastase Homme shampoo,” Sahil, 258. “Once every 2-3 days I guess. My hair looks the best if I don’t shampoo it for two days (laughs)” Ankush, 259. “Honestly speaking, I’m 34 and was losing a crazy amount of hair. So, even though I would like to shampoo my hair every day, my dermatologist advised me against it. Now I shampoo every alternate day with this Kerastase shampoo.” Jatin, 34

10. “I wash my hair 6 days a week with Selsun Selenium Sulphide Topical Shampoo because it’s medicinal and good for hair fall and dandruff. Also because I hate dirty hair!” Karan, 25


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