No cases of coronavirus infection reported in Kuwait

No cases of coronavirus infection reported in Kuwait

No cases of coronavirus infection reported in Kuwait

No instances of disease with a novel coronavirus strain have been registered in Kuwait, health minister Dr. Basel Al-Sabah of the nation said here on Tuesday, allaying concerns that the disease might have found its way onto Kuwait.

Emphasizing Kuwait’s preparation for a World Health Organization outbreak seems to be a public health crisis, the leader told parliament that a slew of safety precautions was put in place to hold the illness at bay.

The interventions entail checking and examining travelers at Kuwait International Airport to assess if they showed no signs of fever and respiratory disease, or were in touch with a sick person, the official clarified.

In addition to aseptic technique measures to help keep the coronavirus epidemic in control, hospitals nationally have been put on “high warning” to deter the spread of the virus, the source added.

On techniques for treating possible scenarios of coronavirus, the member of parliament confirmed that special emergency clubs were assembled to assist physicians, assuring patients that medical facilities were equipped with the appropriate tools to promote efforts to avoid and treat.

He continued to say and as of late, a series of seminars and workshops happened in Kuwait and the Arab world, in an attempt to raise the consciousness of the pneumonia-causing virus, ahead of a ministerial-level pan-Gulf “emergency” conference that Kuwait needed.

Although no cure for the fatal coronavirus has also been found so far, current antiviral drugs that prove effective in battling the disease, the report concludes.

With the number of deaths now at 426, the disease originally came in late last year’s central Chinese town of Wuhan, propagating to other cities including Beijing and Shanghai, in relation to the United States, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan, among many others.

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