New visa fees proposed in Kuwait

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New visa fees proposed in Kuwait

Director General of the General Department for Residence Affairs, Major-General Talal Ma’araf said that the proposed new visa fees will be implemented after the approval of Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah and the National Assembly.

According to new proposal, a fee of KD 30 was proposed for a month-long visit with the possibility of renewing it for more than a month. However, those who overstay their visit visa will have to pay KD one per day of overstay. Transfer of the visit visa to an article 14 residency (for temporary work) will be for a fee of KD 1 per day.

Regarding the permission to remain outside the country for more than six months, there is a proposal to allow it for a nominal fee, he added.

According to the proposal, sponsoring dependents other than the wife and children can be done for an annual fee of KD 300 per person.

The proposals are at the fatwa and legislation department and in the final stages of approval.

The amendments include granting multiple entry visit visas to businessmen to encourage the capital inflow and economic movement in the country, so that visitors can frequently visit the country at regular intervals according to the validity of the visa. The maximum validity of a visa granted to businessmen will be one year to enable businessmen to enter and exit the country multiple times.

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