Mumbai Police: Citizens can’t travel beyond 2 km radius for essentials

Mumbai Police: Citizens can't travel beyond 2 km radius for essentials

Mumbai Police: Citizens can’t travel beyond 2 km radius for essentials

The Mumbai Police on Sunday said that it will seize all privately-owned vehicles that are found to have travelled beyond a 2-km radius from the houses of the owners for purposes other than going to office or availing medical services during emergencies.

Even as the state declared several relaxations in lockdown norms under Mission Begin Again, Mumbai Police has appealed to all the citizens to adhere to all the guidelines strictly and to not move beyond the two-kilometre radius of their homes to visit shops, salons or to exercise. However, the police have clarified that the movement beyond the 2-km radius is permitted for office-goers or in the case of medical emergencies. Citizens also have to ensure they follow social distancing norms and wear masks mandatorily while stepping out.

The police department has said that if citizens fail to adhere to the guidelines, they will face lawful action. The police have also said that they would impound vehicles if they are found plying away from their local area without a valid reason.

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Also, curfew shall remain in place between 9 pm to 5 am and those vehicles still found roaming on the roads without any specific reason shall be impounded and heavy fines imposed. According to the guidelines, visit to markets, salons and beauty parlours should also be restricted within a radius of 2-km from the residence of the customers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Pranaya Ashok said, “I sincerely appeal to the residents to strictly adhere to the lockdown guidelines as issued by the state government. Movement for medical emergencies and essential activities are permitted. While moving outside, wearing face masks are compulsory.”

Since the lockdown was implemented in March, the city police have registered 10,371 cases against 19,638 people for lockdown violations such as stepping out without a valid reason, not wearing masks and unnecessarily taking out vehicles. Of these, 11,751 have been arrested until Saturday.

Following the new rules, Mumbai Police on Sunday seized 5,000 vehicles for plying without any specific reason. As many as 670 vehicles were impounded in south region, 698 vehicles in central region, 560 in eastern suburbs, 1,766 in western region and 1,306 in northern suburbs.

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