MPs slam ministers for recruiting expats

Move to ban recruitment of expat below 30 years of age

MPs slam ministers for recruiting expats

Several parliamentarians slammed Ministers for hiring expatriates instead of recruiting the qualified Kuwaitis. According to local media report, MP Abdulkarim Al- Kandari said that is surprising that the State continues to recruit expatriates for jobs while there are qualified Kuwaiti graduates in accounting and law.

According to report, MP said that large amount of financial privileges of about 3000 KD, are granted to expatriate advisers by the ministries. He asked Minister of Social Affairs Hind Al- Subaih to stop the recruitment of expatriates and to refrain from increasing the salaries of expatriate employees.

He also slammed minister of education for recently receiving a delegation of Palestinian teachers, asserting that those who take decisions on the population structure are the ones who caused the population imbalance.

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