Moderna approved by WHO for emergency use

USA - Moderna approved by WHO for emergency use

Moderna approved by WHO for emergency use

The World Health Organisation has given the go-ahead for emergency use of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine. The green light for Moderna’s vaccine, took many months because of delays that WHO faced in getting data from the manufacturer.

The announcement, however, wasn’t likely to have an immediate impact on supplies of Moderna’s vaccine for the developing world. The company struck supply agreements with many rich countries, which will have already received millions of doses.

The listing procedure helps countries unable to assess a vaccine’s effectiveness themselves have access as quickly as possible and allow the Covax vaccine sharing scheme and other partners to distribute it to poorer countries.

Moderna on Thursday said it expected to produce up to three billion doses of its vaccine in 2022 through new funding commitments to boost supply at manufacturing sites in Europe and the US.