Ministry Of Interior Plan For The New Year Celebrations

Ministry Of Interior Plan For The New Year Celebrations

Ministry Of Interior Plan For The New Year Celebrations

The security services intensified their preparations for the New Year celebrations with the spread of fixed and mobile patrols and checkpoints in various areas.

Al-Qabas sources reported that this year’s New Year’s event comes in the context of turbulent security conditions in the region and the world, but the Interior has taken all the security and traffic preparations within the framework of a comprehensive and integrated program to provide security and traffic discipline. Terrorism, and the siege of suspicious elements.

She pointed to the issuance of strict instructions for workers in all ports the need to intensify scrutiny on all those entering the country during that period, and expand the circle of suspicion, and subjecting the baggage for further scrutiny and inspection.
The sources added that the main objectives are to achieve security control over all roads, streets and celebration sites in the country, to achieve traffic control on circular roads and traffic regulation, maintain discipline, conduct and public morals, and joint security and civil cooperation with state agencies.

And to warn against going out of public morals, bypassing laws, counterfeiting, harassing families, resorting to the review movements and accompanying excesses, driving cars above their average rate, removing heads from windows, sitting on the front of the vehicle or behind them while driving and releasing car horns in a collective manner. Patients, children, the elderly, the use of spray tools and fireworks.
She stressed that these procedures are routine by the security services at the beginning of each year for fear of stirring fights between adolescents or problems of an ideological nature, adding that the presence of security men deter these problems and reduce.
And revealed that all the security leaders are following the work on the ground and that most of the operating rooms follow the security situation to prevent the occurrence of anything disturbing the atmosphere.

The sources said that the security authorities have taken strict measures to prevent acts of recklessness, and put in place an intensive mechanism to deal quickly with the reports of quarrels, as well as to prosecute those who are negligent.

On the other hand, the security directorates carried out surprise campaigns in all governorates, under the direct instructions of Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs, Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, and under the supervision of field security managers.

Al-Qabas sources reported that these campaigns resulted in the arrest of 530 absentees, wanted for criminal and civil cases, 960 violations of the residency law and without proof, dozens of suspects, 91 drug and alcohol cases, the seizure of 19 wanted vehicles, Traffic Violations.
The sources said that the main objective of these campaigns to establish security and control of the street, pointing out that the widespread security deployment has proved beyond a reasonable doubt to prevent the occurrence of many crimes.

He added that the sudden security campaigns succeeded in the previous times in the arrest of hundreds of violators and hundreds of absentees and wanted, and dozens of suspects, and therefore continued to become necessary.
The source stressed the continuation of security campaigns around the clock and in all regions to work on the application of the law and reduce misconduct.

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