This Badass Maharaja Led A Lifestyle That Even Dan Bilzerian Would Be Jealous Of


This Badass Maharaja Led A Lifestyle That Even Dan Bilzerian Would Be Jealous Of

When you think of the ‘royals’ in India, you might picture ‘Maharajas’ on elephants, opulent palaces adorned with jewels, mistresses galore, wealth towering over the mountains and an aura of grandeur around the kings and the queens of old India. The Maharaja Of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh is one royal name that went down in history for the colourful life that he led which is still unmatched. Royal, promiscuous, garish and larger-than-life are a few words that can describe his insane lifestyle.


There was this immense amount of mystery that surrounded his life. ‘Freedom At Midnight’, a book by Dominique Lapierre and Lary Collins dishes out certain details about the indulgent prince.  In case you didn’t know, he was crowned the Maharaja at the mere age of nine. He received the honorary title of Major General in 1918 and was also the first Indian to ever own an aircraft and even got an airstrip built for himself in Patiala.


Can you believe that? Legend also has it that he had a fleet of over  20 Rolls Royce and the first car to be imported in the country, a French De Dion Bouton was owned by him.


His shenanigans and opulence were unmatched and his promiscuous side was pretty popular back in those days. Bhupinder Singh’s grandiosity makes him the Dan Bilzerian of old India actually. The book mentions a ‘breastplate’ which was adorned with diamonds that the Maharaja owned. It was encrusted with 1,001 white and blue diamonds, but this fact is nothing compared to the custom that was related to it.


According to legend, every year, the Maharaja would meet and greet with his loyal subjects, wearing nothing but the diamond breastplate, and showcasing his ‘organ’, in full glory!

When he met Hitler while he was in Berlin, the dictator took an instant admiration towards him, and out of pure gratitude, he gifted Bhupinder Singh a personalised Maybach. He sent a trunkful of precious diamonds to Cartier in Paris and demanded the company to make a necklace out of it which took around two years to make. The ‘Patiala necklace’ had 2,930 diamonds and weighed around 962.25 carats. His son, Yadavindra Singh, was the last Maharaja to wear that necklace which had an estimated price tag of $25 million.


He was said to be a philanderer and the tales of his promiscuity were crazy even by today’s standards. He had a plethora of concubines and an array of perfumers, jewellers, hair dressers, and even plastic surgeons were made available by him to cater to his favourite ladies. He was known to enjoy his summer afternoons swimming in his pool, with a group of bare-breasted women at his side. Talk about having a field day! He was apparently married five times, and he fathered around 88 children! His sex appetite even beat his appetite for food, as he was said to eat around 20 pounds of food in a day.


I am guessing that probably the term ‘live life king size’ was defined by him only.


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