London Attack: What We Know and Don’t Know

London Attack: What We Know and Don’t Know - Kuwait Today

London Attack: What We Know and Don’t Know

In a deadly attack on Wednesday in London, a man driving a sport utility vehicle crushed pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, then stabbed and killed a police officer outside Parliament.


What We Know
• The police on Thursday revised the death toll to four from five, including the assailant and a police officer. About 40 people were wounded.
• Seven people have been arrested at six addresses in London, in Birmingham and elsewhere in Britain. The police said that a “full counter terrorism investigation was underway.”
• The driver of the vehicle mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and drove toward the Parliament building. After crashing into a railing, he got out of the car and approached Parliament, where he fatally stabbed a police officer. The police then fatally shot the assailant.
• The police said the attacker was most likely inspired by international terrorism.
• Parliament Square and its immediate vicinity remained cordoned off to the public Thursday morning.


What We Don’t Know
• The severity of the injuries among the 40 wounded.
• The identity of the attacker and his nationality, although police officials said they believed they knew who he was.
• The motives of the assailant, and the extent to which the attack was premeditated.
• The associates of the assailant, if any, and whether he was connected to a larger network. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.




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