Kuwaitis needed to replace terminated expats

Kuwaitis needed to replace terminated expats

Kuwaitis needed to replace terminated expats

Kuwait Municipality decided to terminate services of expatriate employees. The termination of service letters were handed over to the employees.

Kuwait Municipality Director General, Mr. Ahmed Al-Manfuhi addressed to the Civil Service Commission to provide jobs for Kuwaitis with the municipality and assign them immediately as there is provision for 400 Kuwaiti in various fields in financial, economic, legal, IT in addition to the engineering jobs, he also asked for an alternatives be provided for expatriate employees who had been terminated from their services.

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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has made it mandatory for all government authorities to abide by the new Kuwaiti-expatriate employment ratio, reports local daily.

In order to create public sector job opportunities for Kuwaitis, the new Kuwaiti-expatriate employment ratio increase the percentage of Kuwaitis working in the public sector to 90 percent of the total workforce, with only 10 percent of expatriate employees allowed.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) decision obliges them to follow the Kuwaitization policy and ensure that 90 percent of their staff is Kuwaiti, while the rest can be expatriates.

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