Kuwaiti oil spill under control

Kuwaiti oil spill under control

Kuwaiti oil spill under control

Kuwait confirmed Monday it had “full control” of the oil spill off its southern coast caused by an accident over the weekend, estimated to have released 35,000 barrels off Al-Zour’s coast

In a statement issued Monday, the Kuwaiti oil ministry said minister Essam Al-Marzouq presented a “detailed report on the pollution to the council of ministers, explaining the efforts and actions taken by the oil sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.”

Electricity and water production continue at full capacity at the Al-Zour North and Al-Zour South plants. Measures were put into place to clean up beaches, which would take roughly one week, Al-Marzouq said.

Details on the cause or the magnitude of the incident, however, have not been disclosed by Kuwaiti authorities.

TankerTrackers, a public website and Twitter account that tracks the flow and storage of oil worldwide, confirmed the clean-up was under way and suggested the spillage was from a pipeline.

“Comparing imagery acquired …  on 11 and 13 August, we have confirmed the release of an estimated 35,000 barrels off Kuwait’s Az Zawr coast, from what experts believe to be the old Khafji pipeline,” TankerTrackers said, in a statement.

Kuwait National Petroleum is building a $30 billion oil complex in the Al-Zour area, with one of the world’s largest oil refineries planned to process 615,000 barrels per day (BPD).

Khafji Joint Operations, a joint venture between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, said Sunday its facilities were safe and clear of a spill “which (media) reports said was due to an oil tanker,” Reuters reported.

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