Kuwaiti Govt did not request to American for Additional Forces

Kuwaiti Govt did not request to American for Additional Forces

Kuwaiti Govt did not request to American for Additional Forces

Kuwaiti did not ask for increased protection troops from either the United States or Britain, official sources reported yesterday, explaining that the foreign forces are still in the spot.

“The Kuwaiti military is trained and equipped for any situation,” said Al-Qabas accounts.

The reports refuted that a story recently circulated across the media was “Kuwaiti negotiations between Iran and the United States (US).” At the moment, such agreement would not cover the present tension between both the U.S. and Iran, “the sources emphasized.

The Kuwaiti Experts found out that there is a risk of violence that would lead with what they described as “catastrophic consequences,” asking the disputed nations “to deescalate the situation.”

For his portion, the Kuwaiti Army chief of staff denied that the military bases of his country were being used “to carry out attacks on specific targets in a neighbouring country,” stressing that the news about the matter recently distributed was “fundless.”

A further U.S. official in Washington said that the American military presence in the country would “budge,” noting that all the threats posed by Iran would not impact it. “For regional stability and multinational peacekeeping, the US involvement is necessary,” the report stated.

“All these statements and threats do not intimidate us [ US ]. We are here and we will stay to maintain our and our allies ‘ interests against the destabilizing region and the world of Iran,” reiterated the American source.

Previously, interactions respectively Washington and Tehran have prompted after a U.S. airstrike tried to storm the Iraqi Baghdad Air force base on Friday, where Quds Force unelected head of the Islamic Socialist Guards Corps, Qassem Soleimani, and senior Iraqi activists were assassinated.

The Pentagon convicted Soleimani of carrying out attacks on US government officials and servicemembers in Iraq and the province, stating hundreds of American and coalition service members were killed by the slain leader.

The assault brought up tensions in the region and put the US relationship with Iraq to the challenge.

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